Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the joys of wool

it's 48 degrees here this morning (maybe 50 at my desk with the heater one). yes, i get that that's significantly warmer than many (perhaps most) other parts of the country this january, but it still feels cold to me. especially to my toes which are more than a little overly-sensitive to the chill.

fortunately, thanks to a great sale at any mountain last week, i now have 6 new pairs of wigwam wool socks to help keep them warm. today i'm wearing the brown ice socks, which are not only surprisingly soft and not at all itchy, they are super-paddy which is perfect on those days when your feet just hurt for no reason.

i've always avoided wool because of the itch factor and was definitely taking a chance buying 6 pairs at once of a brand i've never tried, but they were worth every penny and then some -- even if i had paid full price.

quick tip
not ready to make the leap to full wool? start with smartwool. their socks use a wool blend that is really nice and they come in a variety of weights suitable for everything from business attire to camping gear. even better, the color and pattern selection is awesome. perfect for anyone who wants to make a surreptitious fashion statement and still stay warm.

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