Thursday, May 21, 2009

close but no cigar

more and more often i notice while getting dressed that my wardrobe feels just a few cards short of a full deck.

i pull together what i think is going to be a great outfit but wind up stopped short of perfection by the following words: "this would look awesome if i only had a [insert clothing item or accessory here]."

inevitably, when i get into work, my coworkers, who have jumped on the re-fabbing bandwagon are quick to point out the resulting compromise: "you know, that would look so much better if you just had a [insert same clothing item or accessory mentioned above here]."

to address this issue i have added a "missing pieces" list to this blog. that way, i can add items as i think of them and create a list that i can use when i shop. so instead of being distracted by something pretty, shiny and completely impractical, i'll be able to head directly to the fitted black cardigan sweaters and bag my prey. okay, i'll probably still be distracted. but at least this way i'll get the thing i need, too.

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