Monday, May 18, 2009

speaking of shoes…

back in my younger days, i was a sucker for shoes. i had, at one point, over 100 pairs in every imaginable color, heel-height and style. thing was, i only really wore about 6 of them. why? because the others weren’t comfortable. at one point i got so fed up with digging through the piles of toe-pinching, blister raising torture devices that I tossed any and every pair that had ever caused me pain, which left me with a grand total of 8 pairs of shoes.

sure, i’ve built back up my collection some since then, but these days, it takes more than a pretty face or a well-turned heel to turn my head. these days, you have to earn your place on the shoe rack. sure, you still have to look cool, but you also need to be functional, comfortable and made well enough that you don’t need replacing after just a few strolls around the block.

as a result of my higher standards of shoe choice, i find myself gravitating to a couple of brands — brands that used to make me shudder at their very mention: clark’s, born, god forbid aerosoles… but here’s the thing. it’s not just that i’ve changed. they’ve changed, too, with cool new sub-brands that infuse the frumpy comfort of the parent brand with a hip style all their own, creating the perfect blend of form and function. these new shoes are so comfortable and still so fun, my closet is starting to overflow all over again. but this time it’s with shoes that actually feel and look good, including many pairs from these new hybrids:

indigo by clark’s: 6 pairs
born crown collection : 2 pairs

all it took was trying on one pair and i was sold. and in case you were wondering, those shoes i bought over the weekend? crown collection. pretty cool, huh?

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  1. i've been thinking re-fabbing forty in relation to shoes, too! i've been looking for something strappy and sexy for the summer, but also comfortable and not too high to actually be able to walk in -- the holy grail, basically. thanks for the tips on some brands i wouldn't have thought to look at. - JF