Sunday, May 2, 2010


most of the items listed under interests are things that i have done, enjoy and am good at, but there are a bunch of other things related to my career history that aren't on that list. some of them i enjoy, others, not so much for a variety of reason. here they are in roughly chronological order:
  • bookselling
  • bookbuying
  • product merchandising
  • helping customers find the right books
  • copywriting
  • information architecture
  • advertising writing
  • creative brainstorming
  • technical writing
  • managing people
  • doing budgets
  • performance reviews
  • staff discipline
  • content strategy
  • content planning
  • editorial calendaring
  • concepting website ideas
  • social media marketing (still learning but enjoy what i know)
  • search engine marketing and optimization (same as above)
  • contract negotiations
  • vendor relations
  • agency management
  • buisness planning
  • networking (okay i lied, i'm not good at this)
  • event planning
  • event organizing
  • event hosting
the items highlighted in dark grey are the ones i really, really don't like. the ones in lighter grey i don't totally enjoy, but don't hate. i guess some of it breaks down to this: i prefer to lead by example than through authority, i would rather dream up party ideas than have to make them happen (or even attend) and most things that have to do with budget or actions that i am responsible for but have no authority over make me want to run (which makes me better as my own boss than working as a cog). and as for what i enjoy with regards to work: creativity, autonomy, and peer-based connection.

before i go i also wanted to delve a little deeper into the arts and crafts sections of my interest list. i have been really interested in arts and crafts created by recycling old materials lately. take gnomeo for example, a twist on the whole sock monkey  thing. and the bird, below, made completely from the pages of a j. crew catalog and a little bit of scotch tape (if only i could figure out how to make him more durable). but there are a ton of other potential projects like these:

  • sock creatures
  • paper sculptures
  • collage
  • mosaic
  • decoupage
  • mixed media
  • window farms
  • remade clothes
  • photo cards
  • shadow boxes
  • handmade paper
  • lumieres
  • quilts and pillows
  • collaged notebooks
  • found object jewelry
  • metal garden decorations
and the list goes on...

the question then becomes, how do i make time for all of this inspiring activities and is there some way to create a career by combining the things i love in a way that can support me creatively, spiritually and financially?

i'm going to need more than a week to sort all this out, so it looks like "personal style" is going to get pushed out a bit. because let's face it, what i want to do with my life is way more important than how i look doing it no matter what billy crystal says. and yes, i think the whole spirituality think that i so coyly slid in there hoping you wouldn't notice is going to need a week of its own as well.

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