Tuesday, May 4, 2010

possible paths (aka options)

clearly i have a wide range of interests and skills and thus a wide range of career options. sure, i'll probably never be a hardware engineer or a perfume designer, but hey, i wouldn't like those jobs anyway. so what could i be when i grow up?

  • writer (novels, non-fiction, screenplays, articles)
  • copywriter (web, real estate, brochures, branding materials)
  • editor (you name it)
  • resume editor/consultant 
  • creativity coach
  • artist (crafts, photography, art)
  • landscape designer
  • landscape architect
  • gardener
  • nurserywoman
  • horticulturist
  • gardening activist
  • garden educator
  • teacher (school, park and rec, other)
  • school administrator (all grade levels)
  • website consultant (IA, copy, SEO, SEM, SMM, content strategist, content management, etc.)
  • blogger
  • librarian
  • bookseller
  • book/product buyer
  • bookstore owner
  • retail shop owner
i'm actually thinking that my optimal career path is not a path at all. i believe the popular term these days is "portfolio career" where you do a lot of different things you love and together they add up to a whole job. it seems to be easiest when the jobs are related, for example if you love gardening, you can design gardens, write articles about gardening, do garden photography and teach gardening through park & rec, local colleges or to local kids.

pay special attention to skills that can be used in a variety of ways, like writing. you can leverage it across multiple venues -- web, magazine, newspaper, novels, books, newsletters, editing, teaching and a host of other activities. same goes for teaching, coaching, and a bunch of others. for me, my top skills are writing, gardening, teaching, listening, coaching, critical thinking, planning, organizing, and designing. my top interests are books, art/crafts, plants, social/environmental stewardship, preparedness, and transforming houses into homes. somewhere in there lies the sweet spot (or combination of sweet spots) i've been looking for. i bet my parents still have that old dollhouse in the garage somewhere...

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