Tuesday, June 2, 2009

questions: my current look

1. what adjectives best describe your current look?
2. what do you like about your current look?
3. what do you dislike about it?

truth is, i really don’t feel like i have a current look. outfits are cobbled together from random items based primarily on what i happen to be able to squeeze into at the time. usually this results in me looking like a twelve-year old skater boy. probably not the best way to instill confidence in and command respect from my employees and coworkers and certainly not from upper management. outside of work, I almost always feel frumpy, drab and distinctly un-fabulous. which gives me a nice, clean segue into what I dislike about my current look:
  • doesn’t reflect my interests, passions or personality (sometimes not even my own tastes)
  • no continuity from day to do, no cohesive visual message that let’s people know who i am
  • not always (or even usually) flattering
  • not always (or even usually) well-matched
  • no pizzazz (except occasionally when it probably has too much pizazz)
  • takes forever to get ready because i can’t figure out what to wear (took three separate outfits for me to get out the door this morning)
but what do i like about my current look? the simple answer is not much. but there are certain outfits, certain individual pieces and certain components that i do like:

things i like...
  • big scarves: e wear one almost every day, partly because e’m always cold and partly because san francisco weather is fickle and demands both preparedness and flexibility (it’s a hat, it’s a brooch, it’s a pterodactyl—I mean it’s a scarf, it’s a hat, it’s a warm blanket…)
  • chunky-heeled shoes: there’s nothing better than added height without the added danger brought on by a clumsy girl trying to wear skinny heels
  • boots: ideally knee-height, they’re perfect with skirts, cropped pants and even rolled-up jeans, plus they’re warm
  • ethnic prints: tropical, asian, batik… i’m even a sucker for scottish tartan (especially when the tartan in question is weathered mclean dress)
  • wide-legged pants: even better, flares… even better, striped flares… okay, no, wait… that may be part of what got me in this mess
  • fitted (but not too-fitted) tops: showing off curves is good, looking like a sausage, not so much
  • chunky, single pendant necklaces: especially big, “alive” stones (moonstone, labradorite, opal) framed in silver

my favorites...
  • outfit: long elephant bell jeans worn with a black and burgundy mandarin-style brocade top, platform ankle boots and a big black scarf (incidentally, those jeans are also my favorite pants)
  • skirt: orange, green and black batik wrap skirt embellished with stylized images of taro leaves
  • tee: mission playground’s “a little for all”
  • scarf: a black and white batik pareo my mom bought for me in Hawaii
  • necklace: the labradorite pendant i bought in cambria, ca
  • shoes: vegas boots, baby! a pair of knee-high, stacked heel, black leather, italian lovelies that i paid an ungodly amount of money for in a boutique at the venetian in 1998 and which still look completely fabulous despite constant wear, proving once again that, at least when it comes to shoes, you get what you pay for
which leads us to another important question: how do I use these individual pieces as the basis for an actual style? but that is a question for another day.

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