Monday, June 1, 2009


in order to help me along my way to fashion fabulousness, my stylist friend asked me to answer a few questions:
  1. what adjectives best describe your current look?
  2. what do you like about your current look?
  3. what do you dislike about it?
  4. what are your short and long-term fashion goals?
  5. how would you describe the look you want to achieve?
  6. how many fashion personalities/wardrobes do you need to have (work, casual, evening, etc.)?
  7. who are your fashion role-models (celebrities, friends, colleagues, etc.)?
  8. do you have any hard and fast fashion rules (no bare midriffs, only natural fibers, etc.)?
now some of these are total no-brainers but others… they’re going to take some thought. i’ll answer one now, and the rest over the next several posts.

do you have any hard and fast fashion rules?

  • no angora, i break out in a rash just looking at it
  • nothing itchy or scratchy
  • nothing that requires dry cleaning
  • natural fabrics
  • low-waisted styles only
  • comfort is key
  • a little stretch is a beautiful thing
i also have a very strong preference for closed-toe shoes. my feet are always freezing so i’m all about socks.

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