Tuesday, June 30, 2009

vacation packing

the last time i went to hawaii, i packed all the wrong things. now, in my defense, it's not like i was a hawaii veteran. i'd only been once before and that was on short enough notice that i didn't have time to think before packing. i just threw anything lightweight i owned into a bag and bought myself a hawaiian-print sundress when i got there. of course it didn't hurt that i had a washer and dryer in my room so i could wear the same three things over and over. what were those three things? my bikini, a pair of knee-length board-shorts, and a very lightweight sleevless t-shirt from H&M (along with my pink cowboy hat and keens, of course). oh, and about a gallon of spf 50 sunscreen.

what i didn't wear:
- jewelry
- dressy dinner clothes (especially the shoes)
- jeans (except on the plane, and even then i wasn't happy about it)
- a bra (except on the plane)
- my coat (even on the plane)
- a real purse

what i learned from both trips:
- pack more than one swim suit
- leave the dress clothes and the jewelry at home
- sarongs are a life-saver; you can wear them as a skirt, a dress and even a shawl or scarf for those chilly air-conditioned places (like the plane)
- lightweight, long-sleeved, loose-fitting button-down shirts are essential for those prone to sunburn
- the wider-brimmed the hat, the better
- the stronger the sunglasses the better

of course that doesn't mean i'm not going to fret about what to pack until the moment i'm on the plane or rush around trying to find the perfect pair of convertable cargo pants for the plane (okay, i actually already found those), but it will definitely help prevent the drama of being charged an overweight bag fee on my way home, so i'll have that extra $100 to spend on better things, like scuba lessons. or cool jewelry to bring home where i will wear it.

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