Tuesday, March 30, 2010

lesson two: have the right tools before you start

so far, i'm doing a pretty good job of keeping up with all of my resolutions. i'm doing my exercise, i'm eating (mostly) right, i'm making progress on my decluttering... where i'm not doing so well is with my mindfullness activities and with scheduling (which technically isn't on the list, but with so many tiny tasks, it helps to have a way to keep track). why? because i don't have what i need to get the job done: a dedicated notebook for mindfulness and a calendar for scheduling. 

i thought i could get by just doing my mindfulness exercises in my morning page journal, but it just isn't working out. the notebook needs to be bigger. and it needs to be easier to find the mindfulness entries for easy reference.

and then there is the calendar. i have a lot i want to accomplish in the next five weeks (and beyond). i have a great system at work. i use my outlook calendar to note meetings and block out project time and a whiteboard for tracking status on specific goals. i think for this project, a weekly planner would take care of both birds in one binder -- something that i can use to schedule my time, jot down my goals, and keep track of my to do lists (ideally in a size that i can slip into my purse).

looks like i'll be making a stop on my way home tonight.


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