Monday, March 29, 2010

week one challenges

okay, so here we are at week one and so far so good. i got through my morning routine and continue to check off daily goals from sunday's list, so i figure it's time to take on the biggest goal for this week: the food challenge. firstly, i figure i need to set a few rules to make sure it's actually a useful exercise. i am easily distracted by the glamor of unique foods, but let's face it, i need to learn the basics and no matter how yummy kohlrabi might turn out to be, a staple it's not. so then here are the rules:

- selected item must be a basic, staple food that can be stored for at least a few weeks in the pantry, fridge or freezer
- food should be edible when served alone (no "ingredients" like flour or brown rice syrup; at least not right away)
- selected food must be nutritious

given that, here are a few examples of foods that fit the criteria: tofu, quinoa, rice sticks, black beans, frozen spinach, sweet potatoes, eggs, almonds... you get the picture.

and the winner for this week is: frozen spinach!

i usually don't like spinach much, but i know it's good for me plus it's so easy to fit lots of the boxed variety in the freezer. i've even figured out what i want to cook with it:

- spinach quiche (with a gluten-free crust, of course)
- creamed spinach
- sag paneer

it should be a fun one.

oh, and as for the weekly declutter challenge, i'm going to see what i can do to simplify the weekly food challenge by tackling: the kitchen.

wish me luck!

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