Tuesday, April 13, 2010

grocery sticker shock

it is shocking to me how much i spend on groceries. last month i spent nearly $500. and eating out? almost $200. and this isn't food for a family of five. it's one person. who doesn't eat very much. okay, and occasionally my boyfriend who does, but seriously... sure, gluten-free foods are significantly more expensive than regular foods, if you're doing substitutions, but that's craziness. i honestly couldn't tell you where it all goes. so it looks like i'll be adding one more item to my task list for this week: take a much closer look at where my food money goes (and start eating more out of the pantry until i can figure it out).

things i've accomplished so far:
- set up budget spreadsheets
- filled out one month worth of expenses
- identified current income sources
- signed up for online banking
- identified comcast as a cost that needs serious trimming

not bad for only being at day two.

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